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Case Fortum - A real-time snapshot has emerged as a key management theme at Fortum

Fortum Lens - Fortum sees through new lens

Utilisation of real time data-driven dashboards has become a core management theme at Fortum. Fortum Lens, a new tool created in cooperation with AFRY, has increased transparency and supported new start-up culture at Fortum.

The open data provided by Fortum Lens promotes the culture of transparency

At the beginning of the project, the mission was to find a tool for the executive management team at Fortum that would enable utilisation of key business data from various business units in real-time. A mass of data had been previously collected from different internal and external sources at the organisation, but the daily use and accessibility of that data had not reached its full potential.

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Fortum gathered a start-up spirited development team to not only implement the new tool but also to shape a more transparent organisational culture. AFRY was chosen as partner for the project alongside Qlik Sense for the technology. Fortum already had a long-term, solid knowledge of Qlik technology, which made the development work time- and cost-efficient, also thanks to the Qlik Sense web mashup templates developed by AFRY. Fortum Lens was the product of this collaboration between Fortum and AFRY.

“The information should become one with the user and transform with the needs of the user. That’s what we are aiming for. We started building Fortum Lens on top of one of our core values, curiosity. We have solid foundations in data, but many times the problem has been how to access the data, know where is it and who is aware of the data. Fortum Lens is trying to answer that question.”

- Heikki Keskiväli, Fortum

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"The solution improves Fortum's monthly financial reporting significantly. Our current process has standardised and harmonised our reporting in different units and enables better transparency from the top down to more levels of the organisation than before. Much of the content of previous PowerPoint report packages can now be found directly in Fortum's Financial Lens dashboards in the right context. At the same time we also increased user-friendliness, as reports are easier to access on several devices. Both the finance department and business management have praised the benefits of the solution!"

– Tauno Peräinen, Fortum


“From technical point of view, the key thing has been the mashup we created, meaning that it’s a combination of web coding and Qlik Sense. This kind of development gives us unlimited possibilities to implement just about anything we can come up with.”

- Jaakko Riipinen, Fortum

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Client information

  • Client: Fortum
  • Partnership formed: 2018
  • Technologies: Qlik Sense, Microsoft Azure, Web-technologies
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Partnership in brief


  • Analytics Solution Development
  • Data integrations and data management
  • Web Development
  • Joint DevOps

Solution highlights:

  • Fortum Lens: A web portal for managing the entire organisation with data
  • Financial Lens: Financial reporting of different organisational levels and units
  • Data Literacy: Continuous data literacy measurement and monitoring as part of Fortum Lens
  • Infoscreen for showrooms in Espoo and Stockholm
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Partnership benefits

“When making a digital product, things happen at a totally different clock speed than before. What this means is that you must have the right people in place, and that’s where we have been lucky working with the experts from AFRY”, Heikki Keskiväli says.

- Heikki Keskiväli, Fortum

Fortum in brief

Fortum is a Nordic energy company which purpose is to power a world where people, businesses and nature thrive together. Fortum is one of the cleanest energy producers in Europe, and its actions are guided by ambitious environ­mental targets. Fortum generates and delivers clean energy reliably and help indus­tries to decar­bonise their processes and grow. The company's core opera­tions in the Nordics comprise of efficient, CO2-free power gener­ation as well as reliable supply of electricity and district heat to private and business customers.

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Ossi Erkkilä - Director of Data Solutions, AFRY Management Consulting
Ossi Erkkilä
Director of Data Solutions, AFRY Management Consulting

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