Train in a railway station / railyard

Couplers to trains and other rail vehicles

AFRY has a long and broad experience of working with couplers to trains and other types of rail vehicles.

We have worked on couplers to locomotive trains, commuter trains and trams as well as related accessories such towing adapters.

The completed assignments have included competence and resources:

  • Testing
  • Measurement and field tests
  • Calculation
  • Simulation
  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical design
  • Aftermarket
  • Accident and materials technology investigations

For example; one assignment included strength calculations in the form of FE analysis and manual calculations. Strength test in the form of fatigue testing, vibration testing and static testing. Measurement of force, strain and deformation in the laboratory. Field measurements on trains in Germany, the US, the UK and Sweden. Data evaluation, technical support and advice, accident investigations and material analyzes.

Magnus Skärhem - Business Unit Manager, Test & Qualification Center
Magnus Skärhem
Business Unit Manager, Test & Qualification Center

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