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Decarbonising the Italian pulp & paper industry with Assocarta

AFRY is leading the way to a sustainable future in the pulp and paper industry

AFRY is joining forces with Assocarta, the leading Italian paper association, to pave the way for a sustainable future by developing a cutting-edge net-zero roadmap for the pulp and paper industry in Italy.

AFRY is supporting Assocarta in defining a decarbonisation strategy for the pulp and paper sector that is in line with the EU framework, country-specific conditions, and technological advancements. AFRY’s assessment will outline an overall decarbonisation roadmap for the sector, pinpointing the best available technologies, regulatory and infrastructural obstacles, and competitive levers. Additionally, AFRY will provide an analysis of the pulp & paper sector in Italy, including potential scenarios for 2030 and required policies.

Beyond sector analysis and the roadmap, AFRY offers support to individual Italian pulp & paper companies, tailoring decarbonisation roadmaps to their specific operations and projects.

Assocarta is the trade association that brings together, represents and protects companies that produce paper, cardboard and pulp in Italy. Assocarta is part of Confindustria and, at the European level, is a member of CEPI, the European federation for pulp and paper industries. As of today, Assocarta members cover over 90% of the Italian production in the sector.

We are proud to contribute Italian pulp and paper industry in their path towards more sustainable future. Our multidisciplinary team combining expertise from Italy, Spain, Finland, Sweden and Germany ensures that the best available knowledge is applied in this important assignment.

  Visa Moilanen, Head of Pulp & Paper business at AFRY

Project facts:

Project: A net-zero roadmap for the pulp and paper sector
Client name: Assocarta
Project location: Italy
Project duration: 2024
AFRY Scope of Services delivered: Sector analysis, a decarbonisation roadmap

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