Efterklang Masten Västerås

Decorative and effective noise barrier


Masten Estate in Västerås consists of three residential buildings. ÅF Sound & Vibration has measured and mapped traffic noise from the nearby road and railway, as well as external industrial noise emanating from the railway depot. We have also consulted on the choice of structures, particularly outer walls, windows and extensive screens between the buildings to provide the residents with noise protection on the side facing the yard.

This area is elevated and has views across the surrounding landscape; therefore, several proposals were considered at an early stage in order to achieve the optimum design that would not only provide a good sound environment but also ensure that residents could continue to enjoy the views.

Project: Kv. Masten
Client: Aros Bygg & Förvaltning, Sweco Architects and Castanove
Location: Västerås, Sweden
Status: Completed 2015

ÅF Sound & Vibration became Efterklang part of AFRY 2019

Efterklang Kvarteret Masten case image noise barrier

Kv. Masten Västerås