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Design of a large processing plant for reusable pallets in the food industry

AFRY has designed a new logistics and process plant which is optimized for handling and washing reusable boxes and pallets used in the food industry.

The customer, Svenska Retursystem, invested 15 million SEK in the project to design and deliver a new logistics and process plant. The plant became Svenska Retursystem’s largest one and has capacity to handle about 70 million reusable units per year. The facility has two production lines in the current layout, but preparation is already made for a third line to handle further potential volume increases in the future.

In the project, AFRY was an EPCM-contractor and responsible for the entire project, from design and planning to purchasing and construction management. AFRY was also responsible for the project management of building and implementing operations in the new facility.

There are areas for processing and storage in the new plant. AFRY was responsible for the process area, where the reusable boxes and pallets go through a washing process. With specialized competence from automation, mechanics and process media, a highly automated, flexible and efficient facility for production was designed.

Erik Fahlén - Section Manager, Supply Chain Management, Stockholm
Erik Fahlén
Section Manager, Supply Chain Management, Stockholm

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