Wood pilars stacked

Doubled Production volume with focus on Sustainability

AFRY was responsible for the Project Management in an assignment with the aim to Double the Production Capacity of wood storage.

By considering all aspects, using simulation and focus on Sustainability, a solution meeting the customer expectations was developed and delivered.

A Swedish pulp mill aimed to double their production capacity, with an investment of 4,2 billion SEK. To succeed, the storage capacity and infrastructure for transports need to be adopted to the new operations.

AFRY delivered a comprehensive solution from pre-study to contracting. Simulation was used as a tool when dimensioning the storage and the different solutions were evaluated based on costs, environmental effects, flexibility, work environment and safety. The traffic situation at the area was mapped as well as a forecast of future flows of vehicles and people. A solution was presented with focus on increasing the safety, mainly by separating people from vehicles but also through decreasing the speed in the area.

All stakeholders' views were taken into account and the project fulfilled the aim to double the production capacity. The project manager from AFRY was awarded by Universum as “Project Manager of the year 2015” for her leadership, and focus on business value and sustainability.

Pär Ström  - Business Unit Manager, Supply Chain Management
Pär Ström
Business Unit Manager, Supply Chain Management

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