Education – Construction Logistics

The development of the construction industry has started, but there is a large need for logistics competence in the industry. AFRY identified the need and created a course in construction logistics to handle the gap in competence.

The course Construction Logistics is held as a part of Teknikhögskolans education programme for developing new project leaders at construction sites. AFRY had full responsibility for the course. Different competences from AFRY, in Supply Chain Management and construction logistics, were combined to give students a good knowledge base. In addition, AFRY invited external partners to discuss their area of expertise connected to construction logistics.

Through participating in the course, the students learn how to use their logistics competence to be more efficient in construction projects. They learn how to use logistics principles to lower the project costs, shorten the construction time and to build in a more sustainable way.

Pär Ström  - Business Unit Manager, Supply Chain Management
Pär Ström
Business Unit Manager, Supply Chain Management

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