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Enhancing transport efficiency with Volvo

Collaborative innovations for sustainable transport solutions

AFRY, in collaboration with Volvo and supported by Vinnova, has been actively involved in a series of projects aimed at improving transport efficiency in the automotive industry. As a trusted partner, AFRY has led and coordinated various sub-projects and provided necessary design solutions and modifications to develop longer and heavier vehicle combinations.

For several years, AFRY and Volvo have collaborated on several projects aimed at increasing transport efficiency. These projects have been co-financed by Vinnova, Sweden's innovation agency.

While Volvo serves as our primary partner in these projects, several other companies, governmental bodies, and organisations are also involved. Some participants include Transportstyrelsen, Trafikverket, CLOSER, Parator, Sveriges Åkeriföretag, Kinnarps, and SSAB. In these collaborative efforts, Volvo takes on the role of project lead, while AFRY oversees sub-project management and coordination, as well as engineering solutions and modifications required to create the longer and heavier vehicle combinations.

Project background and goals

The primary objective of our projects is to enhance transport efficiency through innovative solutions.

We start by identifying specific transport needs and subsequently developing or modifying vehicle combinations to achieve maximum transport efficiency. These optimised combinations are then implemented and tested in real operational conditions using carefully selected fleet partners. Our testing includes measurements of various parameters such as fuel consumption, payload capacity, speed, tire wear, and overall performance. The data obtained from these tests is carefully analysed, and the insights gained are utilised in the development of next-generation vehicle combinations. This iterative process ensures continuous improvement and drives innovation in the industry.


One of our projects to enhance transport efficiency is AUTOFREIGHT 2, which focuses on developing new knowledge and testing solutions derived from other projects. The project centers around container transport between the Port of Gothenburg and the E-commerce center in Viared, Borås. Acting as a research platform, AUTOFREIGHT 2 facilitates demonstrations, tests, and validation of various concepts in real-time operational settings. This holistic project approach covers multiple aspects, including business models, advanced driver support, connected systems, traffic safety, the impact of electric vehicles, HCT-enabled vehicles, and logistics.

The ultimate goal is to showcase the viability and efficiency of long Heavy Commercial Transport (HCT) vehicles, especially when applied on a limited road network, through the integration of technological advancements and optimal logistic strategies.

Extra long truck combination
Extra long truck combination on swedish roads

Project: HCT-2 

As a pioneering research project, HCT-2 places Sweden at the forefront of HCT combination studies. By continuing to explore advanced HCT combinations, this project aims to revolutionise the freight transport industry, optimise logistics, and contribute to future sustainability goals.

The project's hypothesis is that HCT (High-Capacity Transport) increases energy efficiency by 15-30% and vehicle/driver productivity by up to 50%. Our aim is to ensure the rapid implementation of longer and heavier HCT vehicles by establishing regulations and assessing the infrastructure impact.

Swedish roads now welcome longer and heavier truck combinations

One of these projects' objectives is to provide a framework for regulations and infrastructure considerations to facilitate the swift adoption of longer and heavier High-Capacity Transport (HCT) vehicles.

We are pleased to report that the results from these projects have contributed to a change in legislation in Sweden 1 . Both the permissible length and weight of vehicle combinations have been increased, partly based on the knowledge generated by these projects. Since December 1, 2023, certain sections of the Swedish road network are now open to 34.5-meter-long HCT vehicles.

This development implies that more goods can be transported per truck, increasing transportation efficiency and reducing emissions. The advantages of long trucks are comparable to those of heavy trucks. When the quantity of goods remains constant, long or heavy trucks can transport a greater volume of goods per truck, thereby decreasing the number of trucks needed for the same cargo. According to Trafikverket, this can result in a 4 to 6% reduction in emissions from heavy truck traffic 2 . Additionally, long trucks contribute to lower transport costs, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of businesses.

Making future

By actively driving innovation and collaboration, AFRY and Volvo are at the forefront of transforming the transport industry, pioneering solutions that make a lasting impact on efficiency, sustainability, and logistics-based challenges. Through our dedication to research, development, and practical implementation, we continuously strive to shape the future of transportation.

Project overview

Project: A series of projects aimed at improving transport efficiency in the automotive industry, by developing longer and heavier vehicle combinations.

Client: Volvo, supported by Vinnova.

Status: Ongoing.

Location: Sweden.

AFRY’s role in the project: AFRY oversees sub-project management and coordination, as well as engineering solutions and modifications, permit applications, and exemptions for long vehicles with transportation authorities.

What drives development of longer truck combinations


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Johan Andinsson
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