Offshore wind turbines in the blue sea

Environmental Impact Assessment and master plan of Korsnäs offshore wind farm

EIA and master plan for a boost in clean energy

The Finnish National Board of Forestry plans to develop an offshore wind power park in Korsnäs, Ostrobothnia. If implemented, the investment would exceed a billion Euros. The nominal power of Korsnäs offshore wind power park would be 1400 Megawatts, which corresponds 54% of the total wind power capacity in Finland last year. There would be 70–100 wind turbines built in Korsnäs offshore wind power park, each of them having nominal power of 12–30 megawatts.

AFRY was chosen to deliver environmental impact assessments and prepare the local master plan. AFRY’s scope of work also includes technical engineering for the project. If implemented, energy production in the offshore wind power park in Kornäs would begin at the earliest in 2028, according to The Finnish National Board of Forestry.

The project is familiar to AFRY, having worked as a consultant in pre-engineering for Korsnäs offshore wind power park. The initiative for zoning was accepted in the municipality of Korsnäs in 2020, and the environmental impact assessment began this spring.

The sea area in front of Korsnäs presents a significant wind energy resource with average wind speeds exceeding 9 m/s. In addition, the depth and geology of the sea area is suitable for building offshore wind power. The impact on fishing, fish species and migratory birds and on the characteristics of Kvarken archipelago, its natural heritage and natural habitat types are being taken into account in the environmental impact assessment and permission processes.

Project information

Client: The Finnish National Board of Forestry (Metsähallitus)

Project: Korsnäs offshore wind power park

Time: 2020-2024

Location: Korsnäs, Ostrobothnia, Finland

AFRY’s role: Environmental impact assessment, land use planning and technical consulting

Offshore wind turbines in the blue sea

Karoliina Jaatinen

Senior Consultant, Environmental Consulting

Piia Heikkinen

Manager of wind and solar energy in Finland