Railway tunnel


Principal design for Espoo-Salo railway

Espoo-Salo-railway is a part of larger railway project beginning from Helsinki and reaching Turku in an hour. AFRY's part consists of 33 kilometers of new railway that works as a overtaking lane to the former railway.

The One Hour Train is a high-speed-rail link between Turku and Helsinki, Finland. Espoo-Salo-railway project is divided in three parts and AFRY in charge of a part between two cities, Lohja and Suomusjärvi. In addition to leading the project AFRY is liable to the geotechnic design, railway engineering, tunneling and bridge engineering. Varying topography sets challenges to engineering when the height of the railway and placing the tunnels will be optimized by the costs and environment.

All in all AFRY will design 17 tunnels on the railway and the total length of tunnels is 12 kilometers. Adverse effects to the environment and cultural sites will be minimized by respecting the environment by building bridges and tunnels. There are sensitive culture and environmental sites on the way that will be protected. For example the sensitive areas around the railway will be remained by bridges and tunnels in the area.

Client: Väylä
Project: Espoo–Salo-railway principal design
Time: 2018–2020
Location: Espoo–Salo, Finland
AFRY's role: Principal design between Lohja and Suomusjärvi, rail enginering, tunneling

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