Future-looking Raw-material Project - Sokli mine in Finland

A Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) is one of the initial studies of a mining project, conducted to assess the project’s economic feasibility and to increase the company’s understanding of the uncertainties and risk factors associated with the project.

AFRY conducts a Pre-Economic Assessment study (PEA) for the conceptual phase of Sokli Oy’s mining project in Finland.


The assignment aims to comprehensively assess the full potential of the Sokli area in Savukoski using the latest techniques and technology. The current and future needs for minerals will be a key focus area of the assessment as the demand for minerals enabling sustainable technologies e.g. electric car batteries, is expected to continue to grow significantly in the coming years. The deposit in Sokli contains many of the minerals included in the list of critical raw materials released by the European Commission. The scale and richness of the deposit are unique.

AFRY has long-term experience with environmental and process matters at Sokli so we believe we will have a good co-operation in this assessment study project.

  Project Manager Pasi Heino from Sokli Oy.

AFRY's assignment includes geological assessments of the project, support for the development of the minerals processing, strategic mining planning, infrastructure and logistics planning, and analysis of the mine's environmental impact at the preliminary study level. The target of the study is also to find solutions that will ensure the preservation of the existing natural assets where possible and minimize the environmental impact on the Sokli area. The work is expected to be completed in autumn 2022 and it is carried out in co-operation with Sokli Oy and Worley Parson Ltd.

We are honoured to be a partner of Sokli Oy in this future-looking raw-material project in Finland. This project focuses on bedrock minerals required for sustainable solutions. For example, our need for raw materials for electric car batteries will increase significantly in the near future. To meet the growing demand of critical raw materials, solutions must be made with care. Therefore, sustainable mining, minerals processing, metallurgical processes and securing raw material sources are our key tasks.

  Mikko Lamberg, Head of Mining and Metals, Process Industries Finland at AFRY.


Project facts:

  • Project: a Pre-Economic Assessment study (PEA) for a mining project
  • Client: Sokli Oy
  • Location: Finland
  • Duration: 2022


AFRY services delivered:

  • Pre-Economic Assessment study (PEA)
    • Geological assessments of the project
    • Support for the development of the minerals processing
    • Strategic mining planning
    • Infrastructure and logistics planning
    • Analysis of the mine's environmental impact at the preliminary study level.