GENED-1 Hydroelectric Power Plant

GENED-1 Hydroelectric Power Plant

Feasibility Study – Hydrology, Sediments, Energy

Detailed meteorological and hydrological assessments are a crucial part of the feasibility study for the Gened-1 HPP on the Apayao-Abulug River in northern Luzon, which is an interesting site for hydropower development

characterized by a large catchment area and high discharge.

GENED-1 Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Apayao-Abulug River in northern Luzon has not been used for any hydropower development yet. The Gened-1 site is situated 62 km upstream of the river mouth is highly attractive. Because of the concerns related to the of local government units, the design of the HPP was changed. The new design is considered in the feasibility study. It proposes the establishment of a HPP with a 105 m high dam with a power capacity of 150 MW.

Scope of Work
  • Collection of hydro-meteorological data
  • Review of previous studies
  • Rainfall-Runoff-Model and its calibration
  • Flood frequency analysis
  • Estimation of PMF
  • Estimation of potential climate change impacts
  • Estimation of the sediment transport with USLE approach
  • Energy simulations
Project Impact

State-of-the-art methods for meteorological and hydrological assessments are the base for design of the HPP and the optimization of the operation of the plant.

GENED-1 Hydroelectric Power Plant
Facts about the project

Client: Pan Pacific Renewable Power Philippines Corporation

Services :
  • Review of previous assessments
  • Estimation of inflow
  • Flood frequency analysis
  • Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) assessment
  • Estimation of sediment yield and bed load transport
  • Energy simulations

Ausführungszeitraum: 2015

Location: Philippines

Philipp Stanzel - Hydrology, Flood Forecast, Climate Impact Research
Philipp Stanzel
Hydrology, Flood Forecast, Climate Impact Research

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