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The Great Northern

In the spring of 2015, The Lodge, in collaboration with Skellefteå municipality's business centre and Polaris Fastigheter AB, contacted Collage.

The assignment was to take an existing 1950s building and create a place that would promote creativity and offer a variety of workplaces which could, in turn, contribute to cross-sector collaboration. Above all, they wanted a clear, distinctive idea for the building's design that would serve as a symbol of its purpose on a global market.  

Bild på bänkar och stolar inne på kontoret
Bild på inredning på kontoret
Bild på bänkar och stolar inne på kontoret
Bild på inredning på kontoret


In terms of design, the project began by agreeing a basic palette that would allow period-appropriate details to emerge and be woven together with the new concept. In the final stage, a patchwork was created that worked both vertically and horizontally and contained different zones that could shift from public to private use. The main entrance, where the public and private spheres meet, is known as the Plaza – a place for relaying experiences and spontaneous meetings. From here, you are led further into a world of start-ups and incubators through to established companies and a stylish events arena.

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Client: Polaris Fastigheter AB

Project: The Great Northern

Year: 2015-2016

AFRYs role: Renovering av 50-tals byggnad med utmärkande designidé

Competences: Arkitektur

Consultants: Arkitekter Isabelle Gyllengahm Flimel, Lina Persson Holmgren, Rolf Marklund

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