Campus WU Prater thermische Grundwassernutzung

Groundwater modelling Campus WU, Vienna

Image source: Copyright WU Campus Vienna

Thermal groundwater use at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)

A new building complex for the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) was built by realizing the project ”Campus WU” located in Prater, Vienna

In order to establish thermal groundwater use it is planned to extract groundwater by wells, pipe it through an heat exchanger and finally recharge the groundwater by an infiltration system.

The findings of groundwater modelling had to clarify, if the requested quantities of groundwater can be pumped or how high the pumping rates can be assumed. Additionally several parameters (groundwater slope, velocity, aquifer thickness) have been worked out, in order to give basic data to estimate thermal spreading in groundwater.

Due to minimizing the calculated differences of groundwater tables the area of infiltration has been shifted locally and pumping rates have been reduced.

Campus WU Prater thermische Grundwassernutzung

Quick project facts

Client: Geotechnik Adam ZT GmbH


- Groundwater modelling

- Effects on the groundwater balance and groundwater management for 2nd and 20th districts

- Feasibility Study

Project period: 2009 - 2010

Location: Südportalstraße, Wien, Österreich

Stefan Wimmer
Hydrology, Ground Water, Sediment Transport, Austria

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