Grundwassermodellierung HPP OVA Pamukova, Türkei

Groundwater Modelling HPP OVA Pamukova, Turkey

Groundwater modelling HPP OVA Pamukova, Turkey

Groundwater modeling for the Ova Weir & HPP, which is located on Sakarya river within the borders of Pamukova district of Adapazarı Province, in the northeast of Turkey.

The total installed capacity of the project is 13,5 MW and annual energy generation of some 55 GWh.

Planning of HPP OVA Turkey is connected with an impoundment, which forms a reservoir on a length of 8 km. Simulations of the operating phase showed, that the reservoir leads to raising groundwater tables.

After proposing a monitoring program it was the aim of variation studies to identify possible problems and to give information about further data needed. The studies were executed to optimize the design of the thin wall concerning length and depth. Additionally the impact of an accompanying drainage channel was investigated by modelling.

The steady state groundwater model was set up with Feflow for average conditions choosing a general approach to geometry and geohydrological parameters and was complemented with measurements of additional observation points.

Grundwassermodellierung HPP OVA Pamukova, Türkei

Facts to the project



  • Set up and calibration of a steady state GW-Model
  • Variation study optimizing a thin wall and mitigation measures
  • Reporting of possible effects during operating phase
  • Proposal of a monitoring program

Project period: 2016 - 2020

Location: HPP OVA Pamukova, Turkey

Stefan Wimmer
Hydrology, Ground Water, Sediment Transport, Austria

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