Grundwassermodellierung Wien 2. und 20. Bezirk

Groundwater modelling in Vienna

Groundwater modelling in Vienna

After the construction of HPP Freudenau, in order to maintain the groundwater regime in the 2nd and 20th districts of Vienna (30 km²) unaltered a groundwater management system had to be developed. Design and installation of an on-line and off-line water quality and quantity monitoring net for the Danube River upstream and downstream of the hydropower plant Freudenau/Vienna was necessary

The net is comprised of 320 ground water monitoring wells, 80 surface water monitoring stations and more than 1500 water level measuring points. In 6 online water quality stations permanent measurements of surface water and groundwater take place. Data are used in early warning systems, for the Danube accident and alarm services, for entry and emission controls. A Hydrological Information System (HIS), including a database, was especially developed for management of on-line measured data, for detailed analysis and report generation.

The groundwater system is controlled by model simulations every 6 hours. With the aid of 21 pairs of wells (abstracting and infiltrating well situated on each side of the sealing walls) the ground water level is managed. In order to prevent recharging of contaminated river water biomonitoring equipment has been installed, which serves as an alternative to periodic chemical tests and is capable of detecting active toxic conditions in river water.

Grundwassermodellierung Wien 2. und 20. Bezirk

Project Facts

Client: VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH

Services :

  • Groundwater modelling in Vienna (30 km²)
  • Development of a groundwater management system and water quality and quantity surveyance programs
  • Controlling of the management system based on the daily discharge of the Danube river
  • Annually reporting (quality and quantity monitoring)
  • Different detailed analyses, Recalibration of groundwater model

Project period: 1989 – 2020


Freudenau, Vienna, Austria

Stefan Wimmer - Hydrology, Ground Water, Sediment Transport, Austria
Stefan Wimmer
Hydrology, Ground Water, Sediment Transport, Austria

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