Grundwassermodellierung Korneuburger Bucht, Niederösterreich

Groundwater Modelling Korneuburg, Lower Austria

Groundwater Modelling Korneuburg, Lower Austria

Planning and verifying of a ground-water decontamination system in Korneuburg (Lower Austria) by means of groundwater modelling

The project started with a smaller sized steady groundwater model in order to obtain quick results concerning pumping effects at the end of the contaminant plume.

Then a transient groundwater model was established (15 years in daily time steps), which simulates a representative period. Additional investigations examined solute transport by modelling the contaminant plume.

The conclusions of the modelling results led to an optimized system of remediation wells, specified the enclosure by a seal wall of the most contaminated area and showed effects on the groundwater body, surface waters and existing water rights.

Reports and detailed surveys were used as documents for submission to authorities and approval procedures.

Grundwassermodellierung Korneuburger Bucht, Niederösterreich

Facts to Project

Client: Kwizda Agro GmbH


  • Generation of a transient 3D-Groundwater model
  • Design and optimising of a remedial system
  • Expert attending approval procedures
  • Groundwater modelling with solute transport
  • Reports on Monitoring

Project period: 2012 - 2020

Location: Korneuburg, Lower Austria, Austria

Stefan Wimmer - Hydrology, Ground Water, Sediment Transport, Austria
Stefan Wimmer
Hydrology, Ground Water, Sediment Transport, Austria

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