Infra-East link - Östlänken, Sweden - railway

High speed railway, the East Link, Sweden

Enabling faster train journeys

AFRY is involved in the planning of the East Link, which will enable people and goods to travel faster through eastern Sweden by train.

The East Link, which is currently under construction, will be a new double track high speed railway line, linking the greater Stockholm area to Linköping.

The trains will be able to run at speeds of around 250 km per hour and carry passengers from Stockholm to Linköping in one hour.

AFRY has teamed up with Tyréns in the development of the stretch between the municipalities of Södertälje and Trosa, which includes production of railway plans with environmental impact assessments, basic design and design programmes.

Project: The East Link
Object: High speed railway
Location: Järna - Linköping
Client: Swedish Transport Administration
Period: 2014 - 2035
Our role: railway design and plans, environmental impact assessments for one of the stretches
Scope: 27 k stretch, total length 160 k