AFRY Brandskydd Kungälvs sjukhus

Hospital- Kungälv hospital

Kungälv hospital

In Swedish Kungälv, two buildings will be added to the local hospital. Fire protection experts from AFRY have identified considerable cost saving opportunities.

Adding the two structures, five and six stories respectively, entails several challenges in terms of fire protection. Large-sized hospital buildings of this type fall into a fire protection category where regular building regulations do not apply in terms of simplified dimensioning. Instead, an overall assessment of the technical fire safety of the building must be carried out - something which requires specialist competence.

Fire and risk protection experts from AFRY carried out a thorough analysis. As a result, they managed to identify that it was possible to reduce requirements for load strength. Otherwise, the steel construction would have had to be fully fitted with fire protective cladding, which would have been costly as well as complicated. Their analysis also comprised recommendations for other, less costly measures to allow the building to maintain its high level of fire safety.

In other words, the creativity and business acumen of AFRY fire protection consultants afforded the customer the opportunity to select cost effective and innovative solutions without stinting on fire safety.


Client: Västfastigheter

Object: Kungälv hospital

Scope: Building 16 approx. 11.000 sqm; Building 17 approx. 13.000 sqm

Period: 2015 – 2020


Illustration: Sweco/Aart Architects


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