AFRY Pulse

Improving efficiency with digitalisation – Waggeryd Cell, Sweden

AFRY Pulse was installed in order to increase the Waggeryd Cell pulp mill's utilisation rate further, and with the objective of reaching more structured and continuous improvement.

Waggeryd Cell pulp mill is owned by the ATA Group, which is a Swedish producer of sawn wood products. The majority of the bleached CTMP pulp produced by the mill is exported. With an annual capacity of approximately 180,000 tonnes per year, the mill is already considered to be very efficient.

AFRY Pulse was installed in order to increase the plant's utilization rate further, and with the objective of reaching more structured and continuous improvement. A warehouse management module was also installed to streamline the production process further. Installation and configuration took place during 2020.


AFRY Pulse is a platform that suits our needs today and, at the same time, allows us to continue developing and streamlining our business. Through the platform, we can facilitate the demands of daily work and simplify the follow-up of production,” says Peter Dahlbom, CEO of Waggeryd Cell AB.


The project started in August 2020 and the project was divided into 3 steps. The first step was implemented in December 2020 and the usage of basic parts of the system started. The remaining step was implemented in February and the final step has been developed and implemented in June 2021.

The installed software, AFRY Pulse is a prominent and modern production support software developed by AFRY. The software helps to maximize availability in industrial processes, and thereby increases productivity. Through a modern and user-friendly interface, the user can easily gain an overview of the production, be in control of directing efforts where required, or find places in the production chain where there is spare capacity, and thus work in a more proactive manner.

Results of the project were higher digitalization of the manual workflow and improved efficiency across the mill. In the project, AFRY delivery included prestudy, management & workflow support, the configuration of AFRY Pulse, and commissioning.


We are pleased that Waggeryd Cell has chosen our platform to achieve even greater efficiency in their production. We look forward to support their efforts to develop their facility and their choice to use our AFRY Pulse platform," says David Andersson, Section Manager Industrial Digitalization at AFRY in Sweden.

Industry 4.0

Project facts

  • Project: Waggeryd Cell pulp mill
  • Client: Waggeryd Cell AB
  • Location: Vaggeryd, Sweden
  • Duration: 2020-2021


AFRY services delivered:

  • Prestudy
  • Management & Workflow support
  • AFRY Pulse configuration
  • Commissioning

Sustainability facts

  • High efficiency in production
  • Improving the utilization and removing the losses in production
  • Losses can be connected to equipment, raw material, and water treatment