Efterklang Studio 1 Malmö HSB

Integrate aesthetic design with multi-function area

ÅF Sound & Vibration provided full acoustic design for HSB’s housing project in Örgryte. The building won the Casper Sahlin Prize 2016.

ÅF Sound & Vibration worked closely with the architect and HSB, the developer of the project, to create an ideal sound environment in the apartment building. The emphasis was on the integration of aesthetic design with functionality. The building’s foyer was intended for use as both a meeting place and common area for residents, something that placed stringent demands for a pleasant living environment.

Project: Studio 1
Client: HSB
Location: Örgryte, Sweden
Status: Completed 2015

ÅF Sound & Vibration became Efterklang™ part of AFRY 2019

Efterklang Studio 1 case image

Studio 1

Zlatan Idnert
Head of Efterklang & Light Bureau

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