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Kolbotn residential care facilities

Together with our engineers from AFRY, AFRY Ark Studio has delivered services ranging from initial sketches to detail planning in connection with the construction of Kolbotn residential care facilities in Norway.

The building is designed to become a local meeting place, connecting the care facility with existing neighborhoods.

Bild på Kolbotn servicehus byggnad
Kolbotn omsorgboliger hallway
Bild på lägenheternas balkonger i trä
inside an apartment in the care facility
Bild på Kolbotn servicehus byggnad
Kolbotn omsorgboliger hallway
Bild på lägenheternas balkonger i trä
inside an apartment in the care facility

Kolbotn residential care facilities consists of 72 apartments divided on five floors. Before the kick-off of the project, Oppegård municipality expressed that the new building should be a welcoming place where people wanted to live, not appear as an institution with monotonous corridors and sterile living spaces.  

As such, the building has a non-traditional floorplan, where each floor consists of corridors designed as spacious meeting places. This gives the residents the opportunity to go for walks and meet indoors. In addition, the building consists of associated service features, a day activity center and a home care services base. The top floor is also a special ward designed for elderly with dementia.

Image of tables and chairs

A local meeting place

In addition to creating a new home and activities for the elderly, the municipality wanted the building to become a local meeting place. Thus, the connection to the neighborhood has been important. An open passage through the building, a shortcut into the site, outdoor areas, walkways and meeting places has been created to substantiate the ambition from the municipality.

Picture of the wooden wall

Solid wood as construction material

Oppegård municipality has set strict environmental requirements in the construction of Kolbotn residential care facilities. The building is designed as a passive house and is the first in Norway to use solid wood as a support system. Solid wood contributes to creating a homely and inviting atmosphere, while at the same time being an environmentally friendly product. Wood stores CO2 and generates a healthy indoor climate. The choice of materials also helps with the acoustics and keeps the sound level low.

AFRY Ark Studio has been involved in the project from the first feasibility study to the completion of the building.  

In 2019, the building was received the award “the Health Building of the Year” by Nohrcon.

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