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Largo Resources' new vanadium trioxide processing plant, Brazil

Engineering services for Largo Resources' new vanadium trioxide processing plant.

Pöyry, part of AFRY, has announced the expansion of its relationship with Largo Resources with the signing of a new contract to operate in the new vanadium trioxide (V2O3) processing plant project to be built in the municipality of Maracás, in Bahia, Brazil. The new plant will have the ability to produce 14 tons/day.

Largo invests around USD 10 million into the unit. The opening of the unit was the second quarter of 2021. Around 20 Pöyry employees were working on the Largo project along with the support of the Finland team, which led a similar project in the past for another plant capable of producing vanadium trioxide. The design services started in April and were completed by July 2020.

“The choice of Pöyry to develop this project demonstrates Largo Resources’ confidence in the quality of our work in a highly technical project and will allow us to apply the expertise of both our local and Finnish teams, with an integration of high-level skills,” says Fábio Bellotti da Fonseca, the President of Pöyry in Brazil. He emphasizes that the company is proud to have won the contract for this stage of the Largo project. In 2019, the company carried out the conceptual study of the new facility.