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Lighting design creates sparkle and life at night at restaurant Bølgen & Moi in Norway

Bølgen & Moi

When reknown restaurateurs Bølgen & Moi acquired a new restaurant space in a prime riverfront location in Drammen, interior architects Kubik and Light Bureau were approached to lead the design of the light refurbishment of the space.

Light Bureau developed a lighting strategy for the restaurant that helps attract attention, views and visitors into the restaurant from the nearby train station and popular riverwalk that pass by the building. The large glass surfaces of the building made it key for the lighting to balance against the brightness of sunlight during daytime to avoid the restaurant appearing dark and to candlelight in the evenings to allow views out across the river.

Bespoke pendant luminaires were designed for the space and built by a metal workshop locally in Drammen.

Client: Bølgen & Moi
Interior architect: Kubik

Bølgen & Moi_Light Bureau

Bølgen & Moi in Drammen, Norway


Paul Traynor

Head of Light Bureau

Morten Jensen

Country Manager, Light Bureau Norway