Infra-Under Lindesnes, Norway - underwater restaurant

Lighting design for the world's largest underwater restaurant Under, Lindesnes, Norway

Light to see the sea

A unique submerged edifice with lighting for human and marine life

The underwater restaurant Under is developed by Snøhetta and located in the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in Lindesnes, Norway.

The structure is designed to fully integrate into its environment and the concrete shell will function as an artificial reef.

The lighting is finely tuned to the surroundings and designed to float into the room where it is needed in harmony with the nature around it, creating a visual ecosystem.

The lighting concept at Under extends beyond the interior into the water to measure the effects of light according to luminous emittance and spectral distribution.

Object: Under underwater restaurant
Architects: Snøhetta
Size: 495 m²
Location: Lindesnes, Norway
Period: 2016-2019
Our role: Lighting design