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Lighting plays a key role at Budolfi Square - one of Aalborg’s most ambitious urban development projects

Budolfi Square in Aalborg, Denmark

Budolfi Square is located at the heart of Aalborg in Denmark. The space has recently been transformed from a parking lot into a welcoming green urban environment and has become a new central meeting place.

The lighting project is strongly connected to the landscape project and supports the duality between the lush green areas and the cultivated landscape - the wild and the civilized. The lighting is designed to adapt to different user needs, varied activities, and behavioral patterns to accommodate the diverse groups of people visiting the area.

Layers of light make up the overall holistic experience as you enter the space, where each layer has a functional purpose to create a safe environment and facilitate orientation in the area. With an aim of creating a visual environment as night falls, the light gradually changes composition, which adds character to the space. It follows seasonal shifts with pre-programmed scenarios for each season. These scenarios can also be customized for special events, making the lighting easily adaptable to an ever-changing urban life and future developments.

The result was achieved with carefully fitted luminaires and by adapting the effects of the light to the respective areas. As a special feature, Light Bureau custom-made Gobo-projections, which brings historic details to life and reminds us of what once was.

The entire lighting project is developed in close collaboration with Aalborg Municipality and the parties involved, including the contractor. All lighting solutions have been designed from a holistic perspective to ensure a strong synergy between the landscape, the surrounding architecture, and the local historic values.


Client: Aalborg Kommune

Collaborators: SLA, byMUNCH, Kjaer & Richter, NCC

Status: Completed 2020

Awards: Green Cities Award 2021 nomination


Budolfi Square_Light Bureau

Budolfi Square

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