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Mood Stockholm

A shopping oasis in Stockholm

Mood Stockholm is a vibrant and popular shopping mall in Stockholm city centre. It is a meeting spot and destination for experiences focused on fashion, design and innovation. 

The mall is characterized by unique shops, restaurants, cafés and services. It is like a city of its own, just in the middle of Stockholm's commercial centre. Efterklang, former Lexter, has worked with the real estate company AMF Fastigheter since the birth of MOOD Stockholm in 2012.   

The challenge was to create a sound concept to complement and enhance the different areas of the shopping mall: Wishing, Desire and Everyday. Each area with its own characteristic feeling, and yet clealry linked to the other with a cohesive atmosphere. The concept had to co-exist with other sounds in the mall and not disturb the staff or costumers. 

We developed the entire sound architecture for all public areas of the shopping mall, one of the largest sound design solutions in Europe. 

A coherent sound design was created through 22 different sound zones that enhance feelings, increase well-being and create ambience. The sounds decorates all areas of the mall including Wishing, Desire, Everyday and the urban garden. 

The concept comes to life thanks to over 100 unique sound productions as well as customized technology used in the corridors, escalators, for the artwork, gardens and MOOD Stockholm’s incredible themed toilets. Through Lexter Sound System and an associated app, the sound design is easily adapted to daily rhythm, flow of visitors and seasons. 

Mood entrance
Mood shopping mall

Mood Stockholm