Utsikt mot Follobanens 600 m tunnel

Norway's largest transport project - Follobanen

The new Follo railway line (Follobanen) is Norway's largest transport project and has the Nordic longest railway tunnel of 19.5 km to date. The project also includes a new, modern public transport hub in the town of Ski. The Follobanen will give passengers an upgraded and much faster public transport route between Ski and Oslo.

3D visualisering av ferdig anlegg i Middelalderparken
3D visualization of finished facilities in the Medieval Park in Oslo, foto: Bane NOR

Through an exclusive framework agreement with BaneNOR, AFRY has since 2017 provided services and expertise in railway engineering, construction, tunnel, environment, geotechnics, engineering geology, telecommunications, fire, HVAC, SHA, high voltage / low voltage, FDC, document control, grounding, hydrogeology, hydrogeology, district heating, signal, drawing production, 3D modeling, safety, control of execution, HSE, water & drainage, thermals, materials technology, and plumbing. We have been responsible for production management, technical advisory services, and special services within each of the subjects mentioned above.

Competent team

AFRY contributes to resources with the right competence and qualities related to call-offs from Bane NOR. On the team, AFRY has international specialist expertise in geotechnics and geology from AFRY in Sweden and Switzerland. In addition, Insar analyzes are performed by NGI and control of concrete work by Kvaerner. The daughter company Advansia provides project administration.

Demanding ground conditions at Ski station

At Ski station, AFRY's geo - technicians have played a central role where there are extremely difficult ground conditions with a lot of quick clay. It requires large amounts of sheet piling, which has led to AFRY's work with third-party control becoming very crucial for the section to open as planned in December 2022.

"We have large sheet pile walls that go straight down into the Ski moraine, and the sheet piling work has been very demanding for the engineers. All work performed by third parties is verified, so we make sure the sheet piles are so solid that they will not pose a risk in the operational phase. We have spent a lot of time to bring in the best professional expertise in Norway to make sure that everything is safe", says Follobanen's project director, Per David Borenstein in an interview to bygg.no.

Gjennomslag for Follobanens tunnelboring
Breakthrough for Follobanen's tunnel drilling towards Oslo Central Station. September 2018, photo: Bane NOR / Nicolas Tourrenc