Oberaudorf/Ebbs HPP

Oberaudorf/Ebbs HPP Hydraulic Modelling including Sediment Transport

During the Final Acceptance Tests for the Oberaudorf Ebbs HPP, calculations for the Flood Risk were required.

Because of the high sediment transport of the Inn River, a model including sediment transport was chosen. The roughness co-efficiency was defined by the authorities.

In advance steady state modelling by use of WASPI 2.6 was carried out. The main task of the project, the quasi steady state modelling including sediment transport, was done by use of the software GSTARS.

Oberaudorf/Ebbs HPP

Scope of Work

The model of the storage was de-signed and later on used for the calculation of high floods and theoretical floods.

Project Impact

The calculations were used as well for adapting the operation rules for the HPP and for procedures for possible future floods.

Oberaudorf/Ebbs HPP

Facts to Project

Client: Grenzkraftwerke GesmbH


  • Hydraulic Modelling - Steady State (WASPI 2.6)
  • Hydraulic modelling - quasi Steady state including sediment transport (GSTARS)
  • Adaptation of the HPP operation
  • Check of flood risk management


Project period: 2002 - 2004

Location: Austria

Rudolf Faber
Project Manager, Hydro Consulting, Hydropower

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