Infra-case, Optic  Cloak, London, United Kingdom

The Optic Cloak, London, United Kingdom

Urban infrastructure turned into art

Exploring the intersection of lighting, design, engineering and ecology

The Optic Cloak is designed by British sculptor Conrad Shawcross, in collaboration with C.F. Møller Architects and AFRY’s lighting consultants.

The structure disguises the chimneys of the Greenwich Peninsula Low Carbon Energy Centre, which is Europe’s largest new build residential heat network, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20 000 tonnes per year.

AFRY’s lighting designers designed an expanding bracket allowing spotlight luminaires to be moved anywhere. The lighting plays with the transparency and solidity of the structure, creating a new composition each day and a striking landmark at night.

Project: The Optic Cloak
Object: A flue enveloping the chimneys of a low carbon energy centre. 49 metres tall, 20 metres wide and 3 metres deep.
Location: London, United Kingdom
Our role: Lighting design