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Optimising Löfbergs' production processes with AFRY Pulse in Sweden

AFRY provides Löfbergs a digital solution and system platform AFRY Pulse to increase productivity and efficiency

Löfbergs is increasing its production efficiency with the support of AFRY and its digital system platform AFRY Pulse to optimise production processes at their production plant in Karlstad, Sweden.

A coffee roastery company Löfbergs has continuously invested in increasing productivity at its production facilities to meet their sustainability goals. AFRY supports Löfbergs with its digital expertise and system solutions.

AFRY Pulse is advanced and modern production support software developed by AFRY that connects information from equipment, process, and humans. The software helps to maximise availability in industrial processes and thereby increases productivity. Through a user-friendly interface, the user can easily obtain an overview of the production, gain control of where efforts are required or where in the production chain there is free capacity and work in a more proactive manner

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An advanced and modern production support software

In the first phase, the implementation of AFRY Pulse will focus on increasing productivity through specialised information management functionality, visualisation, and support for decision making. AFRY Pulse will also clearly visualise and enable follow-up to specific sustainability key figures.

AFRY Pulse is planned to be installed at Löfbergs during Q1 2023.

We look forward to using AFRY Pulse in our daily work to continuously develop and optimise production, and thus meet increased demands on sustainability and resource efficiency

  Jonas Berg, Production Manager at Löfbergs

We are proud to support Löfbergs further with our digital expertise and system solutions and look forward to contributing to the development of Löfbergs digitalisation process. With AFRY Pulse, we will deliver a digital solution that contributes to the development of a smart and connected factory of the future, as well as a flexible way of working with specific adjustments for Löfbergs’ operations

  Richard Hellberg, Section Manager Industrial Digitalization, AFRY Process Industries Sweden

Project facts

Project: Increasing productivity of production plant

Client name: Löfbergs

Project location: Karlstad, Sweden

Project duration: Implementation Q1/2023, maintenance ->

AFRY Scope of Services delivered: A digital system platform AFRY Pulse

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Source: Löfbergs
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AFRY Pulse is a software that connects process industries production information from equipment, process, and humans and brings this together.