Story Wall in Eskilstuna by Light Bureau

Playful lighting design in Eskilstuna

Story Wall - tell your story with colourful light in a busy tunnel beneath railroad tracks in Eskilstuna, Sweden

To improve safety and create a positive identity for a dark tunnel in Eskilstuna, a new colorful lighting solution has been installed for the pedestrian path and the bike lane.  

Eskilstuna municipality requested a lighting installation that would turn the dark passage into a more inviting place to be, whilst keeping costs to a minimum. The lighting must therefore work well with the white tile walls and grey concrete pillars of the tunnel, and complement the yellow-toned light cast by the existing luminaires.

The result is a carefully chosen lighting design that succeeds in making the tunnel brighter, safer and more fun for people passing through. Light Bureau has named the project “Story Wall Eskilstuna”. Lighting designer Tobias Olsson explains the concept:

“The tunnel is one of the main passages through central Eskilstuna, and since so many people pass through here, it becomes a concentrated version of the city. In this tunnel, it is the citizens themselves who tell the story of Eskilstuna with the help of light, and their story is unique and ever changing.”

Approaching the tunnel, you might notice nothing more than the well-lit and bright walls along the pedestrian path. It is not until you step inside that you see how the lighting creates a unique and colourful shadow show that mimics your movements as you walk, run, bike or dance through the tunnel. Red, green and blue luminaires cast coloured shadows from each passer-by onto the white walls. Every individual becomes part of the lighting design and their movements, in combination with their distance from the walls, affect the appearance of the space.

The products used are single colour fixtures, placed evenly between the pillars, to create shadows that are as sharply defined as possible. Although the project had a minimal budget, Light Bureau managed to turn uncomfortably dark parts of the tunnel into a luminous space that children as well as adults will enjoy and love.

Story Wall Eskilstuna by Light Bureau

Story Wall

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