AFRY share best practice in world’s first thermal power plant operations and management body of knowledge

POMBOK Body of Knowledge

The body of knowledge comprises of the best practices and in-depth know-how from European, American and Asian utilities and power generating companies in the operating and management of thermal power plants.

In 2019, AFRY’s Head of Energy Division, Richard Pinnock, was the Principal Author for the power plant operations and management body of knowledge, known as POMBOK. In this body of knowledge, Richard shares key practices and principles that AFRY’s energy team have been following, and have proven effective in its vast experience in this sector.

Richard Pinnock, along with co-authors and reviewers Dr. Shane Shook, TEPCO Fuel & Power Inc. (Current JERA Co., Inc.), Kraftwerksschule e. V., AFRY, MVM, RWE, HI initiative, IBM, J Power, Kansai Electric and engineers and officers from EGAT, have compiled in the 13-chapters of the body of knowledge important data for consideration in terms of power plant operations and management, focusing on the planning of equipment specifications, budgeting, staffing, and risk management, among others.

POMBOK’s development is based on the key principles of 3E+S or Economic Efficiency, Environmental Conservation, Energy Stability and Safety principles. JERA Co. Inc. organized the creation of POMBOK to give convenient and quality access to both large and small private and public power plant owners and personnel, as well as financial institutions, insurance companies and educational institutions associated with the power generation industry, to use it as a basis for the power plant industry in terms of a standard operation knowledge framework.


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“I am honoured to have been asked to spearhead the editorial side of POMBOK,” said Richard Pinnock. “It is my delight to be able to share the energy industry knowledge that I have gained from the 30 plus years that I have been immersed in the power business—from the time that I was a young power plant engineer in Eskom South Africa up to today, leading more than a two thousand strong energy team of one of the largest global engineering consultancy company. Readers will be able to learn from the experiences gathered in this body of knowledge not only from me, but from all the experts around the world who have generously shared their knowledge, to help create a systematic and global approach to thermal power plant operations and management,” said Richard.

Did you know? AFRY have provided consulting services to some of the worlds’ biggest power plant projects over the last 50 years, and with over 100GW of installed capacity worldwide.


POMBOK Executive Summary

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