Pre-study of production logistics and recommendation of 3PL partner

Nolato MediTor are producing medical devices and have a strong growth trend. To handle increased volumes in production, a pre-study of the logistics flows has been performed. Different scenarios have been analysed in regards to factory layout and planning of production and material flows. The project also included dimensioning, requirement specification and recommendation of 3PL solution.

- With our pre-study as decision basis, Nolato is well prepared to create efficient flows in the production facility, despite the large production volumes. In addition, Nolato do now have a 3PL solution, supporting them with flexible capacity. This gives them the possibility to handle increased volumes also in the short term, says the project manager from AFRY.

Pär Ström  - Business Unit Manager, Supply Chain Management
Pär Ström
Business Unit Manager, Supply Chain Management

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