Infra-Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway

Protecting priceless art: the new Munch museum, Oslo, Norway

A modern museum for the art of Edvard Munch

The new Munch museum in central Oslo will house the art of the country’s most famous painter.

The new Munch Museum will open to the public in 2020. It will be an audience-friendly museum for the art of Edvard Munch, and one of the most modern museums in the world in terms of architecture, climate control, security and accessibility.

It is a landmark building with outstanding architecture by estudios Herreros, located at Bjørvika, Oslo.

Challenges included the location of the site itself, which sits partly over a dock and a subsea road tunnel.

As the museum houses almost priceless artworks, high specifications have been set in terms of safety and climate control. The building has also been designed to meet exceptionally high energy efficiency standards.

In this project AFRY has played a central role through full responsibility for project management and construction management.

Client: Kultur- og idrettsbygg Oslo KF
Object: Art museum
Location: Bjørvika, Oslo
Project: New Munch museum
Period: 2014 - 2019
Our role: Project management and construction management
Scope: 24 400 sqm

Christopher Klepsland - Head of Advansia and AFRY in Norway
Christopher Klepsland
Head of Advansia and AFRY in Norway

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