Efterklang NordMills Malmö

Regulatory Compliance and Advisor for Nord Mills

Nord Mills

Since 2005, ÅF Sound & Vibration has been the entrusted partner in carrying out noise measurements for regulatory compliance and acoustic advice to Nord Mills in Malmö.

The city of Malmö is in an expansive phase involving a great deal of construction, including homes in the vicinity of Nord Mills’ production facility. Nord Mills is engaged in ongoing collaboration with ÅF Sound & Vibration in order to maintain a continuously updated calculation model for external noise to ensure that noise generated by their operations sits within local authority guidelines. ÅF Sound & Vibraiton also consults on appropriate soundproofing measures, if needed.

Project: Nord Mills 
Client: Nord Mills, Lantmännen
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Status: Ongoing

ÅF Sound & Vibration became Efterklang part of AFRY 2019

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Nord Mills