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Remote ventilation IoT application for Systemair

AFRY helped a leading ventilation company develop a mobile application for the remote control of the ventilation systems

Jonathan Rydholm works as a Senior System Engineer at AFRY. For now, he is on an assignment at Systemair which is a leading ventilation company with high-quality ventilation products. He is acting as a developer and a technical architect.  

The challenge  

The client wanted to control ventilation units remotely, regardless of where you are positioned in the world. The main challenge of this is that every single unit must be connected to the same access point and since there are thousands of units connected at every single moment, the system must be scalable and flexible to handle this load in a secure manner.  


The solution

An IoT solution for ventilation systems

The solution has been growing, involving all kinds of technologies. From low level programming, to databases, native app development and controlling the units by voice commands using Amazon Alexa (a virtual assistant technology developed by Amazon). Assignments like this required a huge amount of diverse competence.

“It has been a challenge, but of course fun to work with all these different types of technologies. Being able to deliver a package of developers that can solve everything for you is probably more appealing than having to outsource work and assignments to multiple parties”, says Jonathan Rydholm.

AFRY's app-solution is available for Android, IOS and web. It is an application where you can communicate with your ventilation units in real time regardless of where you are. You can read and write hundreds of different parameters. You can create week schedules that tells the unit how to behave during certain days and hours, order spare-parts with the click of a button, tell the unit what to do by just using your voice and much more.


Client benefit  

Systemair has offices in most parts of Europe. One of the challenges has been to create one single system for Systemair employees, technical support staff, administrators and end customers. What we have done so far is doing just that. Unifying all of it.  

As of today, they have sold thousands of ventilation units with online capabilities already connected to our system. Being able to monitor those, ordering spare-parts when something break, setting up service agreements between clients and Systemair is really valuable to them. The IOT world is growing by the day and of course they want to be part of that journey.

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Jonathan Rydholm - Senior System Engineer at AFRY
Jonathan Rydholm
Senior System Engineer at AFRY

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