Kvillebäcken - Trädriket

Residential facilities - Kvillebäcken

New neighbourhood on Hisingen in Gothenburg

Several construction companies are jointly creating a completely new neighborhood on Hisingen in Gothenburg, and AFRY cooperates with several of them in terms of technical installation design. 2000 new flats will be interspersed with offices, shops, restaurants, preschools and a number of other businesses. There will be a mix of low and high buildings, apartments to let and to buy. The flats will vary in style and layout. All buildings are certified according to the Miljöbyggnad system level Silver, which means efficient energy use, safe and healthy buildings materials, a quiet indoor environment and good ventilation.

Trädriket - Plot G1

Design of electrical and telecom systems, exterior lighting and energy calculations.

Client: Derome Hus AB
Scope: 90 flats, 3 apartment buildings

Photo: Deromegruppen

Kv Kvillebäcken - Trädriket
Kvillebäcken - Granlängtan

Granglängtan - Plot N

AFRY develops framework design for electrical, telecommunications, security systems and lifts, designs outdoor lighting for the back yard and develops system documentation for water and sanitation.

Client: Derome Hus AB
Year: 2015-
Scope: 4 apartment buildings comprising some 12,000 sqm and 128 flats

Illustration: Deromegruppen

Cyklisten housing association

Detailed design, project management and construction of electrical and telecommunications systems. Developed framework documents. Energy calculation.
Electrical installation design for prefabrication of walls and floors.

Client: Veidekke
Year: 2013
Scope: 75 flats, 3 apartment buildings

Photo: Veidekke in Sweden

Kvillebäcken - Cyklisten
Kvillebäcken - Klätterträdet

Klätterträdet - Plot 02

Design of electrical and telecommunications systems, performed in 3D. The building has received the environmental certification of Miljöbyggnad

Client: Veidekke
Year: 2014-2015
Scope: 81 flats

Illustration: Veidekke in Sweden


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