SL Bro train depot, Upplands-Bro

SL Bro train depot, Upplands-Bro

When the Stockholm City Line opens in 2017, it will dramatically increase the capacity of Stockholm’s commuter rail network. In response to the increasing pressure of traffic, Stockholm Public Transport (SL) is expanding its commuter train depot in Upplands-Bro.

AFRY’s assignment includes engineering and design of HVAC, sanitation and process systems for interconnection of buildings, as well as planning in the layover and maintenance facilities. As a result of the expansion, SL’s depot capacity will be significantly enhanced. Adjacent to the Bro depot, a number of structures for service and repairs are also being built. The total cost of the new construction is estimated at approximately 800 million SEK.

The layover facility, with an area of around 13,000 sq. m., will protect parked trains from vandalism. It has space for 12 full-length trains and a hall for the removal of grafitti. The 8,000 sq. m. workshop facility is the main building in the complex and houses a service hall, where lighter cleaning and maintenance work will be carried out. In addition, the workshop facility contains staff areas, storage space and technical rooms.

Aside from conventional HVAC and sanitation systems, AFRY is engineering process systems for:

  • Pressure-boosted mixed water
  • Chemical applicators/sprayers
  • Windscreen washer fluid
  • Systems for oils and fats
  • Compressed air
  • Cooling
  • Glycol/water mixture
  • Systems for waste oil management
  • Process ventilation for truck charging

Client: Stockholm Public Transport (SL)
Project: Train Depot
Our assignment: Planning and design of HVAC and sanitation systems in facilities for commuter train layover, graffiti removal, service, maintenance and washing.



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