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Solar Power in Jönköping, Sweden

First large scale Solar project for Sweden

The municipality for the Region Jönköping are responsible for services and contracting for the city of Jönköping, such as schools, health centres, city infrastructure and many other areas. The development and progress of their region is at the forefront of their decision making.

Their first target is to produce 3 GWh of power to the buildings owned by the municipality using renewable energy (solar photovoltaic systems). The project is a result of the Fossil Free Sweden initiative, where the goal is to be fossil free by 2045. To reach this common goal across the country, the Swedish Government is subsidising renewable energy projects, among other initiatives, to achieve this.

Our deliverables include construction of 20 buildings, 13 at Värnamo hospital and 7 at Stora Segerstad, starting with 800,1 kWp, and increasing during construction. It is a big step forward for us and something to be really proud of.

An interesting fact about the procurement process is that we did not win due to giving the cheapest offer. Instead we won with the most successful proposal when evaluating the LCC-model (life cycle cost) where parameters such as capacity, price/kWp, chosen materials and so on are evaluated. It is a victory, not only for the specific assignment, but also to be recognized as an EPC contractor within the solar market and as leading experts in Sweden’s advancement towards a 100% renewable power system.

The project, "Sol 3 GWh Syd", was won among strong competition and now some competitors have reached out to us and asked for possibilities to take part as partners, which is a great proof of success.


Åsa Agervald
Business Unit Manager, Heat & Power, Sweden

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