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An award-winning sound universe built on Storytel’s own narrator voices.


Storytel is one of the world’s leading streaming services within audio books. With millions of paying customers worldwide, Storytel enables people of all ages and cultures to take part in hundreds of thousands of stories in various genres. They also publish a large number of Storytel Originals every year. 

For a brand like Storytel, audio branding is an important part of their market communication. 

The challenge was to create a unique, audio-branded sound universe that naturally conveys the brand and its services. Another important aspect was to create a sound that could be used across the globe with different cultures, languages and music. 

Efterklang wanted to build a concept deeply rooted to the brand and as natural as the stories themselves. And among all the stories, we could hear something more. The narrators' voices were like music to our ears.  

We created a unique audio universe and a tailored audio branding for Storytel, based solely on the recorded narrator voices from their own global audio book productions. Building the audio branding on something as natural as Storytel’s own voices made the final concept an obvious part of the brand globally. Storytel’s audio branding is created as a flexible and brand-building tool to be implemented in all types of marketing channels and platforms. 

In addition to sound logos and sound elements the audio branding platform also includes unique Storytel-instruments, which can be used in the creation of new audio branded content.


The project has been awarded:

  • Transform Awards Europe 2021. Gold in the category 'Bes use of Audio Brand'
  • Transform Awards Nordic 2021. Gold in the category 'Bes use of Audio Brand' and Grand Prix winner
  • RedDot Design Award 2021, 'Best of the Best' in Brands & Communication Design
Description of Storytels sound design
Storytel Awards 2021

“Open your ears” sound files

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