AFRY Management Consulting Client cases

Sustainability mini cases from AFRY Management Consulting

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World's first marketplace to offer verified CO2 removals

AFRY Management Consultants have contributed to the development of Puro.Earth, the world's first marketplace to offer verified CO2 removals

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Circular bio economies to create a better future

AFRY Management Consultants are designing full circular bio economies to enable clients to meet their sustainability goals and to create a better future for society

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Over ten billion alkaline batteries are produced worldwide each year.
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Digital tools influence global business

AFRY Management Consultants design digital tools that increase efficiency, positively influencing global business, from renewable energy networks to forest based industries.

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Building entire value-circles

AFRY Management Consultants are building entire value-circles to deliver brand-owners with new plastics originating from collected waste

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Resource management

AFRY Management Consultants possess detailed knowledge of the forest supply chain that contribute to more effective resource management for clients and address important climate challenges for society

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More sustainable business processes

AFRY Management Consultants provide operational efficiency advisory services that enable clients to significantly reduce material losses and unplanned downtime, contributing to more sustainable business processes

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Over 20 years artificial intelligence experience

AFRY Management Consultants are using more than 20 years’ experience using artificial intelligence to forecast sustainability trends, supporting clients and shaping a better future for society

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