Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging with 100% bio-based energy – Yash Pakka, India

Yash Pakka expands its low-carbon packaging material production facility in Ayodhya, India.

AFRY supports the project by providing basic engineering for the Ayodhya facility. The expansion enables Yash Pakka to increase sustainable packaging materials production with 100% bio-based energy.

Yash Pakka provides packaging solutions in paper and compostable tableware. Company’s bagasse fiber-based products are compostable, fossil-free and low-carbon alternatives integrating bio-based solutions that provide a green alternative to single-use plastic, styrofoam and other fossil-based materials. Yash Pakka’s target is a green and circular economy comprising materials that are renewable, recyclable and can easily go back to Earth. This is an effective approach in minimising waste and combatting climate change.

AFRY and Yash Pakka employees

AFRY’s basic engineering study contains specialty paper machine of 100 MT per day to lead towards flexible packaging with furnish, utilising max strength of agro residue bagass, biofuel based 10 MW of Cogen plant, pulp capacity enhancement by augmentation of Pulp Mill by another 75% as well as support infrastructure in line with increased output of pulp and paper machine.

We are proud to be selected Yash Pakka’s partner in their innovative and environmentally friendly production expansion project. Capturing the full potential of bio-based industries will be an enabler in mitigating climate change. By increasing the value of bio-based materials, reducing waste and embracing circular solutions, we will reach higher resource efficiency

  Antonio Bernucci, Head of Process Industries SEA AFRY

Project facts

  • Project: Ayodhya facility expansion

  • Client: Yash Pakka

  • Location: Ayodhya, India

Sustainability facts

  • 100% bio-based energy

  • Low-carbon production

  • Fiber-based products