SSAB Raahe

Towards fossil-free steelmaking with SSAB, Finland

SSAB’s transformation into fossil-free steelmaker by 2045

SSAB has announced its strategy for transformation into a fossil-free steelmaker by 2045. For Raahe Steel plant (producing ~2.6 Mton/a steel) the first phase of the plant conversion will be in 2030 and the second phase by 2040. ​AFRY was responsible for conducting a Pre-Feasibility study (PFS) for the new Electric Arc Furnace steelmaking process with the accuracy of +/- 30 %.

SSAB's goal is to gradually move towards fossil-free steel production. The technical planning for the conversion at the Raahe plant started in 2020. In the first phase of the planned conversion, the traditional blast furnace route steelmaking would be replaced with Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) process operating with Direct Reduced Iron feed. SSAB Raahe intends to replace Blast Furnace 1 (half of the production) with EAF´s by 2030 and by 2040 rest of the production is converted to the EAF route. By 2045 the company will be completely fossil-free.

Process concept solutions evaluation together with technology suppliers

AFRY’s assignment included Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) for the Raahe conversion project. The main objective of the study was to produce preliminary level technical documentation and +/- 30 % capital cost and operational cost estimates.

SSAB Raahe
SSAB Raahe Steel Plant

All engineering and study phases were conducted with a “process first” mentality with the AFRY process experts and metallurgists developing the process concept with other main engineering disciplines supporting the engineering. The technology concept was studied in detail and key equipment suppliers were invited to provide their proposals for the technology supply packages. Based on the developed process concepts, the first conversion layouts and 3D model were created.

AFRY’s deep process technology understanding combined with metallurgical and infrastructure capabilities enabled AFRY to deliver a comprehensive study covering all critical areas of the conversion.


Key project facts:

Client: SSAB Europe Oy, Raahe Steel Plant​

Project: Raahe Conversion Project​

Service: Pre-Feasibility Study (AACE4 / FEL1)​

Time: Q4/2020-Q1/2021



Did you know:

Soon, wind farms could be fossil-free

Appearance can be confusing. Wind farms produce fossil-free electricity, but they are made of steel. Steel production is one of the biggest sources of CO2 emissions during wind mill manufacturing. A ton of steel produced means almost two tons of CO2 emissions. One wind farm may not matter that much, but think of all the wind farms in the world, all the cars, all the trains and the possibility to make the change. AFRY is proud to contribute together with forerunners like SSAB to the development towards a more sustainable society.