Plastics recycling

Towards a real circular economy of plastics - APK AG’s project in Germany

AFRY is developing a circular economy of plastics and is part of APK AG’s plastics recycling project

The plant is to be built in Germany with a capacity of treating approx. 40,000 tons annually (t/a) of plastic waste. AFRY provides services for all engineering disciplines in several project phases.

APK aims to increase the recycling of flexible packaging materials, which today make up the majority of mixed plastic waste from the post-consumer feeds. The Newcycling® technology that has been developed by APK is a unique solvent-based process, which separates the different polymers of multi-layer plastics packaging materials and produces recycled materials with a high degree of purity suitable for new products.

Our company has an extremely dynamic development ahead of it in Germany and internationally. We want to show significant results by 2025. Our bar for selecting the right engineering partner was therefore very high. AFRY convinced us.

Susanne Küppers, member of the Board of APK AG

With AFRY, we have gained a partner with great potential, with whom we can also grow internationally. In addition, the company already has various experience in waste handling and plastic recycling. The respectful and appreciative interaction with each other gave the APK team the feeling of a good, like-minded project goal pursuit.

Dr Robert Marx, a member of the Board of APK AG


AFRY’s assignment includes the project development phases FEL-2 (pre-engineering) and FEL-3 (basic engineering) services for all engineering disciplines as well as permitting engineering and project scheduling. The assignment will provide the necessary information and investment value estimation in order for APK to make a final investment decision. The completion of the project development phases is expected by Q3/2023.


We are honoured to partner with APK in this important plastic recycling project and transition towards real circular economy for plastics. AFRY’s unique competence from various recycling technologies combined with process technology knowledge and local presence will add value to APK during all phases of the project development and implementation

Christian Beyer, AFRY's Head of Process Industries in Germany

Plastic waste

Project: Plastics recycling plant

Client name: APK AG

Project location: Germany

Project time: 2023

AFRY Scope of Services delivered: FEL2 Pre-engineering, FEL 3 basic engineering, permitting, project scheduling

A person dropping a plastic bottle into a container in a recycling station

Did you know?

The plastic waste treating capacity of the new plant is approx. 40,000 tons annually.
APK AG's plastics recycling plant is an important step towards a real circular economy of plastics.