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Vialume 1 post top luminaire - classic Nordic design

Vialume 1 post top luminaire

Visibility, navigability, flexibility and economy. Road lighting must meet a wide range of requirements for safety, visual comfort, light distribution and energy savings. Few of the luminaries available on the market deliver what they promise and reflect a balance between function, aesthetics and sustainability.

Vialume 1_Light Bureau

For this reason, Light Bureau cooperated with renowned lighting manufacturer Fagerhult in order to develop the road lighting of tomorrow. The result is the Vialume series of luminaries, characterized by excellent performance and visual comfort, precise light distribution, and a Nordic design language.

Nordic design approach

In terms of lighting technology, the challenge was to produce a luminaire with perfect light distribution that is suitable for most wall geometries, and at the same time to develop a way of minimizing glare, thus increasing visual comfort.

The challenge in pure design terms was to create a luminaire with a Nordic idiom that would fit equally well in classic and modern urban environments. Furthermore, a variable tilt function had to be integrated without compromising the design.


Client: Fagerhult

Status: Completed 2014

Partner: Fagerhult and Tuxen Design

Type: Product design & Special solutions

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