Water and wastewater solutions for a park

Water and wastewater solutions for a park in Gothenburg, Sweden

AFRY contributes to the development of new urban area in Western Sweden.

Lek- och Lärparken (“The play and learn park” in English) is being constructed in Frihamnen, a former industrial harbour near Gothenburg’s city centre, where a whole new neighbourhood is being planned. AFRY has delivered tender documents for the water and sewage system inside Lek- och Lärparken in collaboration with Mareld (landscape architects). Several technical areas were involved, such as structural engineering, lighting design, landscaping and water and sewage design.

The collaboration started already in the early planning of the park and has continued during the building process. Park- och Naturförvaltningen (PoNF) divided the park into different tenders: the park itself, the surrounding buildings and the floating swimming pools. Every tender is managed and designed by architects and consultants from different companies and even countries.

Our scope in the project has been to design the water, sewage and stormwater systems in the park. Stormwater in the park has been designed following the blue-green principles, open solutions that mimic natural processes. One of the challenges of the project was coordinating a new 1200 mm pipe intended to cross the park. The pipe will provide an outlet into the Göta river for the whole stormwater system belonging to the new neighbourhood.

Lek-och Lärparken was supposed to be constructed and inaugurated 2021 in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the City of Gothenburg. This was postponed to the year 2023 due to the pandemic. Right now the park is under construction and the consultants from AFRY are helping the customer and the contractors with technical questions and support during the building process.