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We ensure safe vehicle integration at Roslagsbanan

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Image: X15p, Stadler

As an independent assessment body (AsBo) AFRY has received the assignment to review integration of subsystems on the new trains for Roslagsbanan.

In the fall of 2020 testing of the new trainsets for Roslagsbanan will commence. The trains are named X15p and will consist of three cars and will be approx. 60m in total. The new trains will be quieter, offer more room to the passengers while at the same time offer a faster commute. SL have procured 22 trains (66 cars) from Stadler and we have been contracted to ensure safe integration of subsystems on these vehicles. We will check the safe integration of the ATP system as well as act as an independent reviewer of the outcome of forthcoming tests.


Anders Johnson - Group Manager
Anders Johnson
Group Manager

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