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Supporting energy management decision making for industrial consumers

AFRY EASY (Energy Assessment System) is designed to optimise energy management costs and revenues, helping you to achieve savings in energy expenditure by improving sourcing, optimising energy consumption and efficiently insourcing key activities.

Developed for the Italian market, it is the ideal solution for industrial companies with significant energy consumption, energy service companies, industry associations, energy consortia or any energy management professional.

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An opportunity to become more competitive in the market

In the industrial sector, the optimisation of energy management activities is often a challenge, and at the same time an opportunity to become more competitive in the market. To make the best decisions in energy management, you need to have complete control of your energy costs and investments by:

  • regularly monitoring and reducing costs;
  • choosing between different energy providers and/or self-generation investments;
  • launching energy efficiency projects; and
  • making the most of available incentives and tax reliefs.

It is difficult to do all this without large investments and lengthy system integration projects.

Why is AFRY EASY the ideal solution?

AFRY EASY represents a new approach in energy management, combining various functions into one easy-to-use and flexible solution.

An innovative cloud-based digital tool, AFRY EASY carries out energy consumption and price analyses, enabling the user to make independent and informed decisions.

While AFRY EASY relies on very complex models and algorithms, it is simple to understand and gives tangible results in a short time.

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Businessman showing pie chart in digital tablet to female colleague - stock photo


  • Budgeting and forecasting: assess expected energy consumption and related expenditure
  • Sourcing: evaluate the most convenient energy supply contracts
  • Checking bills: verify the accuracy of energy invoices issued by energy suppliers
  • Portfolio management: have a single, integrated view of consumption sites, generation assets, contracts, energy flows, costs and revenues
  • Investment evaluation: assess the feasibility of an investment in a self-generation plant or energy efficiency project
  • “What if” simulations: evaluate the best energy management decisions under a number of different scenarios


  • Comprehensive, integrated solution supporting the most common energy management analyses and evaluations
  • Always updated and aligned with the most recent evolutions of energy regulation and markets
  • Includes AFRY’s well known energy price projections to support the best energy management decisions
  • Easy to configure and use
  • High value for money


AFRY is widely recognised as a qualified independent advisor to the energy sector, where it is the market leader in strategic,
market and regulatory consultancy.

Our longstanding relationships with companies in the energy sector enable us to provide the right solution without any conflict of interest with energy suppliers or technology/software providers.

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The tool is exclusively available for the Italian market. To attend a live web demo, request a free trial or for further information, visit the Italian AFRY EASY website
Alin Razvan Fotache
Consultant, AFRY Management Consulting

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