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AFRY Analytics Capture

Value wind assets instantly. Accurately calculate site-specific renewable revenues worldwide.

Using simpler approaches to value wind or solar assets – such as baseload or market-wide projections – can under or over-estimate revenues by up to €10/MWh. This can lead to you overpaying for assets when buying or under-valuing assets when selling.

As a result, we have designed AFRY Analytics Capture to provide you with an accurate view of future revenues and asset-specific capture price projections in a matter of seconds.

AFRY Analytics Capture is an easy-to-use and flexible online tool for calculating site-specific revenue projections for onshore and offshore wind, as well as solar assets in most of the markets across the world. Simply by clicking on a map to select your site, and specifying some technical parameters, the tool quickly calculates the site’s future revenues based on millions of hourly solar and wind speeds, and AFRY’s hourly long-term price projection curves stretching to 2060. This allows you to quickly carry out detailed asset valuation, choose the most profitable technical set up, or examine the value of an entire portfolio.

How AFRY Analytics works

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To calculate asset-specific capture price projections, the user can select:

  • Site selection: clicking any point on the map or input latitude and longitude directly

  • Site calibration: choosing turbine type, hub height, and capacity of the asset and tuning technical parameters to match the expected P50 load factor. Alternatively, for solar PV, the solar type, ground irradiance, tilt and orientation angle and capacity of the asset and tuning technical parameters to match the expected P50 load factor.

  • Dispatch strategy: selecting between price-taker or economic curtailment dispatch strategy.

  • Calculation. Based on historical irradiance data for the location selected by the user, AFRY Analytics calculates the hourly wind/solar PV generation and determines the asset revenues by multiplying the hourly generation by the corresponding AFRY hourly market price projections. Total revenues and generation are a function of the dispatch strategy adopted.

  • Results. Site-specific or portfolio revenues, including projections of capture prices, capture rates, and percentage of volume curtailed, are calculated quickly with annual and monthly resolution giving the possibility to download the data in Excel file format.

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AFRY Analytics has a range of features to support you in wind and solar farm valuation:

Interactive and fast capture price calculation: calculates capture prices and other metrics (i.e. capture rates, percentage of volume curtailed) based on wind data and AFRY hourly price projections.

Fully customised: select site locations, turbine types, hub heights, and other technical factors to match the P50 of the asset.

Solar PV types: choose among several types of solar PV currently on the market (i.e. fixed axis, single tracker, dual tracker)

Ground irradiance: select different ground types (i.e. grass, stones, white paint) by defining their respective albedos

Technical parameter sensitivity: verify how the location and technical details of the asset can impact future revenues.

Dispatch strategy options: choose to run the asset based on different strategies according to the energy market prices (i.e. price taker strategy, economic curtail strategy) and simulate the best dispatch strategy for avoiding losing subsidy payments during blocks of negative price periods.

Portfolio assessment: update the capture price projections of the entire portfolio with a simple click.

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AFRY Analytics Capture lets you:

  • Determine which technical characteristics could maximise your revenues

  • Understand how growing your portfolio can improve returns

  • Value an existing portfolio reliably and accurately

  • Understand what to pay when investing or valuing divestments

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Wind turbines in Nordic setting
Wind farm valuation for any asset worldwide

Value RES investments with ease:

  • Understand not only which sites maximise output but also maximise revenue. With asset-specific wind capture prices varying from market values, AFRY Analytics lets you discover opportunities that otherwise would have been missed using market-wide capture prices.

  • More accurate revenue calculations, lead to better valuations of plants, helping you when acquiring or divesting assets

  • Always updated and aligned with the most recent price projections from your AFRY Independent Market (AIM) Reports

  • Interactive and user-friendly interface

  • Comprehensive support available from AFRY Management Consulting

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Director, AFRY Management Consulting

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